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The Toy and Technology Library is an exciting nonprofit resource for Central Ohio children with disabilities, their families, and professionals who serve them.

Our mission is to enhance the development and play skills of children with special needs and to provide support and resources regarding computer technology, interactive play and adapted toys. These services are available to all families. Referrals are not required, although many families are referred through clinics and/or therapists.

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Over 1,500 developmental, adapted toys, switches, and light-tech communication devices are available for families to borrow for 30-day loan periods. Consultation with families and community professionals is available to help them identify appropriate toys, switches, light-tech communication devices, software and computer access products.

The Library also serves as an interdisciplinary training clinic for graduate and post-graduate students in a variety of fields related to developmental disabilities.

Building Self-Esteem

Children learn through play. The Toy and Technology Library offers assistance to those children with disabilities by enhancing their abilities to play in a meaningful way, with toys that will stimulate and help them grow. We offer a wide range of developmentally appropriate and switch-activated toys so that all children, regardless of physical or sensory ability, may play, control their environment, communicate and develop skills. Successful interactions with computers and toys promote independence and increase a child's skills and self-esteem.

Tools for Learning

The computer section in the Toy and Technology Library allows users to explore technology as potential tools for enrichment, learning and communication. This section includes many special-access devices such as expanded and alternate keyboards, mouse/trackball options and switches, in addition to a wide array of mobile apps and software. These are available for parents and professionals to try on-site. Choosing the “right fit” technology and access can provide children the tools to develop and learn both at school and at home.

Easy Access to Fun

Families may use the Toy and Technology Library services by scheduling an appointment with Mary Jo Wendling, OTR/L (614) 688-3431 or email at

The Toy and Technology Library is a nonprofit program of The Nisonger Center, located in room 286 of McCampbell Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University. Funding is provided through the Nisonger Center, private foundations and community supporters.